IAV: photography and more

don`t throw away your old photos, someone else might like them



 an ongoing visual exploration and archival journey

this is a private art project that reflects my love for paper and images, presenting my collection


a home for paper related art and objects


upcoming event:

a very good chance to see lots of analogue antique, vintage and modern photography

a fair dedicated to photography


IAV will be present as an exhibitor


Sonntag 04.06.2023 AZW/ Museumsquartier Wien

10-17 Uhr

freier Eintritt


link to the fair:


in Wien: Ein Archiv für Objekte aus Papier

Fotos, Bücher, Plakate, Ephemera, Drucke, Zeichnungen, Kunst und Objekte, Kuratiertes, Kurioses


backside of a carte de visite: Archive entry: cdv backsides

Franz Kohler, Währingerstraße 16, Wien

Innsbruck, Ottoburg, 1933, 5x5 cm, blau gefärbt

snapshots and vernacular photography, collages by imagearchivevienna